Fall - Year One

EDET 603 - Design and Development Tools I

EDET 722 - Instructional Design and Assessment

Fall - Year Two

EDET 650- Internship in Educational Technology

EDET 746 - Management of Technology Resources

Spring - Year One

EDET 703 - Design and Development Tools II

EDET 709 - Applications of Learning Principles

Spring - Year Two

EDET 735 - Technological Applications for Diverse Populations

EDET 793 - Advanced Instructional Design and Development


EDET 780 - Research Seminar in Educational Technology


EDRM 700 - Introduction to Research in Education

EDET 755 - Design and Evaluation of Information Access and Delivery

One Elective Course


The order of couses listed above is just a sample

There are prerequisites for several of the courses

The elective courses are often offered during the summer terms, but there are exceptions

Contact your advisor with any questions

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